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Wildlife Control Services

From large open fields in the country to the densest urban areas, wildlife surrounds us, and while most animals don’t cause any problems, a select few can be a nuisance or even dangerous. Whether they’re rooting through the garbage, becoming aggressive with pets, or invading your home or business, causing costly damage, it often takes a professional to deal with the problem effectively and humanely.

Home Paramount Pest Control has helped homeowners and businesses with all types of wildlife and pest issues for over 85 years. We offer wildlife control services in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and the Mid-Atlantic region and feature same-day service with free inspections and convenient financing options.

What To Do if You Need Wildlife Control Services

Wild animals can be interesting to watch, but once they become aggressive, show signs of disease, or start destroying your property, it’s best to have them removed by a wildlife control specialist. It’s especially important to call a professional and not approach the animal if you notice any signs that it may be dangerous or rabid, such as:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Abnormal behavior or confusion
  • Staggering, stumbling, or walking in circles
  • Excessive salivation or drooling
  • Seizures or weakness
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing

When you need a wildlife control expert, contact our Home Paramount Pest Control team. Call 888-888-4663 to schedule an appointment today.

Residential Wildlife Control Services

When wild animals invade your home or your yard, they can do considerable damage in little time. They can gnaw on electrical wires, chew holes through walls, destroy insulation, contaminate food, and even spread disease. To keep the damage and repair costs to a minimum, call a wildlife control professional as soon as possible. Home Paramount Pest Control has been the leader in wildlife and pest control since 1939. We have the experience and knowledge to help with any wildlife that may be causing you trouble, including:

We offer various pest control options, including holistic, environmentally friendly solutions that are safer for your home and your family.

Keep your home protected. Call 888-888-4663 to book wildlife control services.

Commercial Wildlife Control Services

Rodents and wildlife can be a huge problem for businesses, including restaurants, hotels, bars, retail stores, and grocery stores. Not only can they contaminate food and create an unsanitary mess, but they can leave behind costly damage or even lead to health code violations. For expert help controlling wildlife and preventing their return to commercial spaces, talk to our team at Home Paramount Pest Control.

We have decades of experience controlling wildlife and pest infestations in everything from small businesses to large warehouses, offices, and commercial spaces.

Call 888-888-4663 today to learn how we can help your business remain pest-free.

Why Choose Us?

When you need the best wildlife control experts in Washington, DC, the Mid-Atlantic region, or Florida, call our team at Home Paramount Pest Control. As a family-owned company with over 85 years of experience and top-rated customer service, you can count on us for prompt, professional help with all your pest control needs, from rodents and wildlife to termites, mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs, and more. Plus, we are available 24/7 for emergency service.

To schedule wildlife control services today, call 888-888-4663.

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Why Choose Us?

Providing Reliable Pest & Wildlife Solutions Since 1939

At Home Paramount Pest Control, we have been dedicated to delivering reliable pest and wildlife management solutions for over 85 years. Our long-standing presence in the industry speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. When you trust our team, you can always count on:

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