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Do You Have a Snake Problem?

Learn How Snakes Behave and How They Can Affect Your Home

Snakes are reptiles like turtles and lizards. They routinely shed their dry, scaly skin and cannot generate body heat. Snakes have a long body that allows them to crawl, climb and slip into small spaces. Although snakes have no ears, they can feel low frequency vibrations.

Snakes are carnivorous and their prey includes insects, fish, birds, eggs and rodents. Snakes are generally non-aggressive and avoid confrontations. However, if you do experience a snake bite you should seek immediate medical attention without waiting for signs or symptoms of envenomation.

Home Paramount’s snake services involve exclusion work, trapping and removal. Sometimes, snakes are a secondary infestation – snakes may enter homes to follow food sources such as rodents or insects. Home Paramount also offers professional pest controls services to address the entire problem.

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