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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was I charged full price when only the outside service was done?

A: The amount of money you pay per service is for a pest management program. Not every time that we do a service does the inside of your home need to be treated. We will try to build a barrier around the outside of your home to keep the pests from coming in. If you are having a problem inside we can come out and do the inside.

Q: Why did we do an exterior treatment in the winter when there are no pests outside?

A: The winter service is designed to protect your home from interior pests and ensure that pests have not penetrated our barrier. If you are having a problem inside the home we can come back and treat the inside.

Q: Why can't I wait until next month to take my service?

A: We try to keep you on a pattern in order to keep the barrier up and to maintain the Pest Management around your home.

Q: Why do we do a 30 day follow up?

A: During the initial we will do a thorough inspection inside and outside, treat the current infestation, place monitoring devices to see if there are any other pest activity. Provide preventative treatment on the inside and out. On your 30 day follow up we will check the monitoring devices for any other pest activity, treat specific target areas on the inside if needed and reinforce preventative treatment on the outside and around points of entry like window sills and doorways.

Q: Do we need to come in and do a treatment on the inside?

A: Depending on the time of year, if you are not having a problem inside the home then we don’t really need to, we could do an exterior treatment.

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