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Squirrel Control Services

Do You Have a Squirrel Problem?

Squirrels eat a variety of foods such as nuts, seeds, cones, fruits and vegetation. They are less likely to consume meat and insects. Squirrels prefer to nest in trees and are expert climbers. Still, they are highly adaptable and are a common part of the urban environment, as well.

Squirrels can cause significant economic and property damage owing to their constant urge to chew. Their chewing habit maintains the sharpness of and prevents the over-growth of their continuously growing teeth. Squirrels make large nests (called “dreys”) in attics, chimneys, vents, roofs and walls using readily available materials such as wood, insulation and drywall. They will chew through virtually anything including electrical wires, insulation, shingles and wood. This destructive habit can lead to property damage and fire hazards. Squirrels are active creatures and can often be heard in attics or walls.

Home Paramount provides squirrel removal and exclusion services. We will conduct a thorough inspection, identify the animals and its entry points and design a professional and effective service plan.

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