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Professional Termite Fumigation Services

Image of a termite on white backgroundTermites aren’t just pesky creatures that add an unnecessary nuisance to your living environment — they can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your property.

When you notice the signs of termite infestation threatening your home or business, it’s critical to act quickly by contacting a knowledgeable pest control specialist.

At Home Paramount Pest Control, our termite exterminators offer expert fumigation solutions to eliminate your termite infestation quickly and efficiently. As the leaders in termite fumigation since 1939, we’re proud to be the preferred pest control partners for families throughout the Southeast U.S.

Is Termite Fumigation Effective?

While termite fumigation might not be the most convenient solution, as it requires you to temporarily leave your home, it’s an incredibly effective service that eradicates your termite problem once and for all.

Here’s how it works:

  • Preparation: Our team will prepare your space for fumigation, covering all food, plants, and sensitive items to ensure they remain untouched.
  • Tenting: We’ll raise a large, airtight tent around the infested area where the fumigation process will take place.
  • Gas: Next, we’ll introduce a gas to the tented area, targeting the termites to successfully eradicate them.
  • Circulation: Using high-powered fans, our team will ensure even gas circulation throughout the area.
  • Exposure: We’ll allow the gas to penetrate the area for 24 to 72 hours to ensure all termites are gone.
  • Aeration: Once the exposure period is complete, we’ll remove the tent and ventilate the area to dissipate the gas before your return.
  • Inspection: After the area has been aerated, we’ll carefully inspect to ensure the termites are gone.

Consider your termite problem solved when you trust the fumigation experts at Home Paramount Pest Control.

Call 888-888-4663 to schedule termite extermination today.

Structural Fumigation for Termites

At Home Paramount Pest Control, our expert entomologists are trained to provide extensive structural fumigation solutions that target and eliminate termites. Through this process, we’ll carefully seal off the infested area and introduce lethal gas, getting rid of wood borers, dry wood termites, and any other termites that may be in your structure.

Typically lasting between 24 and 72 hours, structural fumigation is a highly impactful method of extermination that eliminates hidden infestations that other methods may not be able to reach.

Our termite extermination experts are qualified to handle all types of fumigation requests, no matter the complexity. From historic homes to rustic log cabins, we offer the specialized care and attention that all homes require when combatting termites.

Schedule structural fumigation for your termite problem by calling 888-888-4663 today.

Commodity Fumigation for Termites

Unlike structural fumigation, commodity fumigation is a different process that focuses on treating storage spaces or containers rather than an entire home. It’s most commonly used for treating bulk quantities of stored food products, such as grains, cereals, or packaged foods.

Commodity fumigation ensures that agricultural and processed goods remain free and clear of unwanted pests, eliminating the problem once and for all.

Whether you’re seeking extermination solutions for your perishable goods or priceless antiques, Home Paramount Pest Control offers the commodity fumigation solutions you need to protect your personal property.

Call 888-888-4663 to schedule commodity fumigation services for your storage area today.

Is Termite Fumigation Safe?

When performed by a knowledgeable team of trusted professionals, termite fumigation is a safe, effective method for eliminating your termite troubles. That said, it’s important that homeowners stay away from their properties until they’re instructed to return.

Termite extermination is a job best left to the professionals, so be sure to heed their advice and listen carefully to their instructions while they’re treating your property.

At Home Paramount Pest Control, we strive to deliver a smooth, stress-free fumigation process, delivering upfront, honest communication every step of the way. With our termite extermination experts by your side, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a pest-free home in no time.

Request a free termite inspection from our team by calling 888-888-4663 to start your fumigation process.

Why Choose Home Paramount Pest Control?

Home Paramount Pest Control is proud to be the preferred pest control specialist for families throughout the southeastern U.S. Offering free termite inspections and same-day solutions, we’re committed to providing the fast, effective extermination service experience you deserve.

As a family-owned and -operated fumigation company, we treat every customer’s home as though it were our own, ensuring friendly, compassionate service that gets rid of your pest problem completely.

When you need termites removed from your property, trust the leaders in extermination since 1939.

Call Home Paramount Pest Control at 888-888-4663 to schedule a free termite inspection today.

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