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Do You Have a Raccoon Problem?

Learn How Raccoons Behave and How They Can Affect Your Home

Raccoons are nocturnal and make their dens in warm, dry places such as chimneys, roofs and attics. Their strength and dexterity allows them to penetrate most building materials and they have been known to damage flashing, shingles, soffits and wire in their effort to build or access their den. Raccoon damage is common, particularly when the dealing with a mother raccoon and her kits.

Raccoons are omnivorous, eating a variety of foods including invertebrates, plants and vertebrate animals. Their highly manipulative claws allow them to raid garbage cans and open latched doors, gaining them access to human food sources.

Rabies and roundworm are two health risks commonly associated with raccoons. Rabies is transmitted to people and pets by means of infected saliva, typically through a bite. Raccoon feces are commonly infected with Baylisascaris, a roundworm with serious health implications for humans.

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