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What Are the Most Common Pests in Florida?

From ants and cockroaches to rodents and ticks, many different pests in Florida can infest your home. Being aware of what surrounds you can help you stay protected.

In this blog post, the pest control experts at Home Paramount Pest Control discuss 10 of the most common household pests that Florida families deal with.

Top 10 Most Common Household Pests in Florida

While countless other pests call Florida home, the list below outlines some of the most common pests that our team encounters:


Home to over 32 ant species, almost every Florida homeowner has had to deal with ants at some point. Perhaps the most problematic ant species in Florida is fire ants. These ants can bite and cause severe allergic reactions. They’re typically found in flat, sunny areas, such as the driveway or by windows.

Bed Bugs

Another common pest in Florida homes is bed bugs. These pesky critters feed off human blood, burrowing into sofas, beds, and other furniture so they can attack while you sleep. Because female bed bugs lay eggs every day, once a home is infested with one, thousands more will follow in just a few months.


Drawn to dark, damp, dirty places, cockroaches are commonly found in trash bins, sewers, and toilets. Because of the high heat and humidity in Florida, it’s common for cockroaches to migrate from the sewer into your home so they can feed on garbage and groceries.


Loud and obnoxious, crickets are another common pest found in Florida homes. If you have cracks or holes around furniture, windows, doors, or flooring, crickets can easily get in and cause headaches.

Not only are they annoying to listen to, but crickets can attract other pests that feed on them, potentially exposing you to more dangerous creatures, such as scorpions.


Like cockroaches, flies are also attracted to damp, dirty places and are commonly found near sewers, dumps, or waste bins. While flies aren’t known to bite, they can still pose serious health risks to you and your family by carrying deadly diseases and infecting your food.


One of the most aggravating insects, mosquitoes are a common concern for Florida families. These blood-sucking insects are drawn to standing water and have the potential to infect people with deadly diseases like Malaria. They typically hide in warm locations during the day, waiting until the evening to make themselves known.


Mice and rats are both common in Florida and can be destructive. With a long history of transmitting diseases to humans, these critters can wreak havoc on your home, destroying electrical wires, eating through insulation, and even chewing through roofing materials.


Some of the most dangerous and scary pests that Florida families have to worry about are spiders. Venomous spiders, in particular, can cause severe reactions, including pain, cramping, sweating, nausea, vomiting, and more. It’s important to have spider infestations addressed promptly to prevent getting a nasty bite and subsequent health issues.


Drywood termites are another common problem in Florida homes, eating up wooden fixtures and causing significant structural damage when left untreated. They can drill holes into any wooden structure, hollowing it out until it’s weakened from the inside.


Ticks are another common pest in Florida, with Gulf Coast ticks among the most popular. These arachnids can burrow under your skin, feeding off your blood and potentially infecting you with dangerous diseases like Lyme Disease.

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