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Professional Pest Control Company in Lancaster, PA

Whether they’re in your home or in your yard, common pests in the Lancaster area, such as mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and rodents, can be frustrating for homeowners and hard to get rid of.

With over 80 years of proven success, you can count on Home Paramount Pest Control to help with challenging pest infestations in Lancaster.

We offer a full line of pest control solutions, including eco-friendly options. We can also help control wildlife like birds, squirrels, and snakes. 

Our company is one of the largest pest control firms in the U.S., and we have a full team of state-certified inspectors and our own entomologists. We also offer same-day service, free estimates, and excellent customer reviews.

Do you need help with a pest problem in your Lancaster home? Call Home Paramount Pest Control to request a free estimate for pest control services today.

Termite Inspection & Removal

Wood-framed structures like homes are vulnerable to termite damage, potentially causing major structural problems and safety concerns. If you notice any of these signs of a termite infestation, call our experts at Home Paramount Pest Control for an inspection:

  • Mud tubes: Termites create mud tubes to protect themselves as they travel from the soil to the wood they’re feeding on, and these tubes are often found along the foundation of an infested home.
  • Wood damage: Wood that’s damaged, hollow-sounding, or surrounded by sawdust and droppings may indicate termite activity.
  • Droppings: If you notice wood-colored pellets around your home, these may be termite droppings.
  • Termite wings: After termites have swarmed during their reproductive cycle, they’ll drop their wings. If you’ve noticed these near your windows and doors, termites may be active nearby.

Termites can cause significant damage to your home, so it’s important to call a professional pest control expert to make sure they’re eliminated.

Home Paramount Pest Control offers all the services you need to keep termites out, including bait systemsfumigation servicessoil treatment, and more.

Complete Pest Control Solutions

No matter the type of pests, Home Paramount Pest Control has proven effective solutions to help eliminate them and give you peace of mind. We offer professional pest control services for:

We Provide Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options

If you’re concerned about the effects of harsh chemicals on the environment or have children or pets, our team has you covered. We offer eco-friendly pest control options that are sustainable and safer for the environment.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Do you have a pest problem in your business or commercial property? Let our team at Home Paramount Pest Control help. Our commercial pest control services in Lancaster include:

Why Choose Home Paramount Pest Control?

Since 1939, Home Paramount Pest Control has been the leader in pest control for the Lancaster area. We’re proud to be a family-owned company with certified technicians who have some of the best training in the industry.

We offer same-day services throughout Lancaster and 24/7 emergency service, and our excellent financing options and specials help make the process as easy as possible. 

Protect your home or business in Lancaster, PA, with top-rated pest control services from Home Paramount Pest Control. Call to schedule service today.

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Why Choose Us?

Providing Reliable Pest & Wildlife Solutions Since 1939

At Home Paramount Pest Control, we have been dedicated to delivering reliable pest and wildlife management solutions for over 80 years. Our long-standing presence in the industry speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. When you trust our team, you can always count on:

Call us at 888-888-4663 to get started with a free pest inspection for your property today!

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