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Professional Pest Control Company in Hanover, PA

Image of an ant on white backgroundPests and bugs can plague a property quickly and with little notice. Whether you’re dealing with issues now or want preventative measures, look to Home Paramount Pest Control for help.

Our team uses state-of-the-art tools and chemicals to stop pests from creating nests on your property. When they’ve already arrived, our pest control systems can remove them and help prevent re-infestation.

Termite Inspections & Treatments

Image of a termite on white backgroundTermites can cause serious damage to the wooden frame of your home, leading to costly repairs or even the need to tear down part of your property. Look to Home Paramount Pest Control for termite inspections and treatments.

Our termite solutions include:

You may have a termite problem if you notice:

  • Mud tubes: Subterranean termites build mud tubes to provide moisture and protect themselves from predators. These tubes are typically found along foundation walls, wooden beams, or other surfaces connecting the soil to the wood.
  • Wood damage: Termites feed on wood from the inside out, leaving a thin outer layer that may appear normal even when the inside is hollowed out. Tap or press on wood surfaces; if they sound hollow, it could be a sign of termite damage.
  • Swarmers or discarded wings: If you find discarded wings near doors, windows, or other entry points, it could be a sign of a termite swarm. Swarmers are attracted to light, so you might see them around windows or light fixtures.
  • Frass: Drywood termites push their fecal matter out of small kick-out holes near the entrances to their nests. The accumulated fecal pellets, known as frass, look like tiny, hexagonal-shaped particles.

Ensure your home is safe from termites. Schedule termite control services today by calling 888-888-4663.

Bug & Pest Control Services

Image of a mosquito on white backgroundIn our area, we have our fair share of pests that always seem to want to come inside. Keep them out with expert help. The team at Home Paramount Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control services to fend off a wide range of pests, including:

We Provide Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options

It’s understandable to be concerned about what’s in the bug spray used to keep pests away from your property. Our team offers eco-friendly pest control options that are sustainable and healthy for you and your family. We make sure to get rid of the pests without causing other issues.

Call 888-888-4663 today to schedule a free inspection.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Image of a bed bug on white backgroundIt’s important to keep pests out of your commercial property. Make sure your place looks clean and gives a positive impression with commercial pest control services. Our team offers:

Defend your business against all types of pests and bugs. Request commercial pest control services today by calling 888-888-4663.

Schedule a Free Inspection in Hanover, PA

Since 1939, Home Paramount Pest Control has been a reliable source of pest control and wildlife control services in the Hanover area. Our women-owned and -operated company is a full-service pest control provider, doing whatever it takes to keep the bugs and animals away from your home or business.

We use top-quality pest control products and offer free inspections and financing options for our services. Our Green Program offers holistic and chemical-free solutions that can help keep your property healthy and safe.

Schedule a free pest inspection today. Call Home Paramount Pest Control at 888-888-4663 to get started.

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Why Choose Us?

Providing Reliable Pest & Wildlife Solutions Since 1939

At Home Paramount Pest Control, we have been dedicated to delivering reliable pest and wildlife management solutions for over 80 years. Our long-standing presence in the industry speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. When you trust our team, you can always count on:

Call us at 888-888-4663 to get started with a free pest inspection for your property today!

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