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Professional Pest Control Company in Cary, NC

Cary is home to 180,000 people. It’s also home to millions of mosquitoes, beetles, termites, cockroaches, ants, rodents, earwigs, spiders, wasps, and other pests. At Home Paramount Pest Control, we do our part to keep out these uninvited guests.

Our pest control solutions will not only remove pests from your property but also deter them from returning so you can enjoy the comfort of your home without sharing it with nature’s creepy crawly creatures.

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Termite Inspections & Removal

Termites are one of the most infamous pests in Cary and throughout North Carolina. A small colony can easily consume a foot of 2×4 pine in six months. In a year, a larger colony allowed to flourish and feed can eat far more. They will literally eat you out of house and home, so it’s imperative to take prompt action when termite infestation is suspected. 

Our certified pest control specialists can thoroughly inspect your home and determine the most effective solution for eradicating the threat. We provide a comprehensive range of industry-approved solutions that will promptly eliminate the colony and deter it from returning.   

Our termite control services include:

Complete Pest Control Solutions

We provide comprehensive pest control solutions to protect your home throughout the year. We use a wide range of tools, chemicals, and techniques to remove pests and create an effective deterrent against their return.

Our complete pest control solutions are targeted toward the following pests: 

We Provide Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options

Home Paramount Pest Control is committed to providing a comprehensive range of eco-friendly pest control solutions. We offer a full range of non-chemical tools and strategies that will help you avoid and reduce infestations. This includes reliable recommendations regarding strategies for food storage, moisture control, air sealing, textile management and storage, and more. 

Our Premium Green program is customized to meet your desire for an eco-friendly solution that won’t harm the environment or disturb your property’s natural habitats. Our low-impact solutions include steps you can take to deny food, water, and shelter to rodents, insects, snakes, lizards, and more.  

Commercial Pest Control

You work hard to build your business and guide it into the future. It’s a lot of work and effort, but the rewards are worth the time and resources invested. While your customers and employees appreciate your efforts, all pests see is a free meal and a roof over their heads.

Whatever industry you’re in, protecting your business’s image, integrity, and reputation is imperative. We understand this and customize our commercial pest control services to meet your needs. We use only the best solutions to remove pests to protect your inventory, assets, and reputation.

Our commercial pest control services include:

Why Choose Home Paramount Pest Control in Cary?

Since 1939, our family-owned company has proudly served customers throughout the eastern U.S. We understand the importance of reliable pest control solutions and use the latest techniques and technologies to help our customers enjoy pest-free homes and businesses.

When you choose Home Paramount Pest Control, you’ll always receive same-day service appointments, certified pest control technicians, financing options, and reliable results.

Contact Home Paramount Pest Control today to schedule professional pest control in Cary, NC.

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Why Choose Us?

Providing Reliable Pest & Wildlife Solutions Since 1939

At Home Paramount Pest Control, we have been dedicated to delivering reliable pest and wildlife management solutions for over 85 years. Our long-standing presence in the industry speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. When you trust our team, you can always count on:

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