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Do You Have a Yellow Jacket Problem?

Learn the Key Characteristics of Yellow Jackets and How to Identify an Infestation

With a potent sting and aggressive nature, yellow jackets can be a formidable foe. Mowing the lawn, doing home improvement projects, or even walking by a nest can incite an attack by one or more yellow jackets who mobilize to protect their home. Home Paramount has the tools and experience to take back the yard for you – contact us today to handle your yellow jacket problem.

In some species, a chemical alarm is released upon stinging that causes the other yellow jackets to join the attack. Unlike bees, yellow jackets do not lose their sting after an attack and can therefore sting repeatedly. Multiple stings can be inflicted by a swarm of yellow jackets in a very short time.

What Does It Eat?

Some yellow jackets are predators, hunting caterpillars, flies, and other insects. Other species are scavengers, preferring to feed on garbage and carcasses.

Where Does It Hide?

Yellow jackets will construct their papery nest in the ground, or in structural voids, attics, and crawl spaces.

What Can It Do to Me?

Yellow jackets may be aggressive when disturbed and can deliver a painful sting.

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