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Do You Have a Fly Problem?

Learn the Key Characteristics of Flies and How to Identify an Infestation

Not merely a nuisance, houseflies can spread over 200 pathogens and parasites to humans. These so-called filth flies feed and reproduce on garbage and animal waste, spreading bacteria and disease-causing organisms. House flies, for example, have been known to spread food poisoning and dysentery.

What Does It Eat?

Flies gravitate towards foods high in sugar and are also known to feed on rotting produce, meat scraps and feces. Flies cannot eat solid food so they regurgitate onto solid food, and the digestive juices turn it into a liquid that they can soak up.

Where Does It Hide?

When inside, flies generally occupy the air space 5 feet off the ground or lower.

What Can It Do to Me?

Flies are vectors of over 65 types of disease causing agents including salmonellosis, tapeworms and diarrhea.

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