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Do You Have a Flea Problem?

Learn the Key Characteristics of Fleas and How to Identify an Infestation

These tiny terrors aggravate people and their pets with their itchy, painful bites. Fleas account for more than half of the dermatological conditions requiring veterinary assistance and even a single flea bite can be intensely irritating. Bites tend to be concentrated on the lower legs but can also occur elsewhere. Some bite victims also suffer from allergic dermatitis characterized by intense itching, hair loss, reddening of the skin and secondary infection. Cat fleas, the most common type of flea found in our area, may also be an intermediary host of dog tapeworms to animals and murine typhus to humans.

What Does It Eat?

Adult fleas feed exclusively on the blood of animals and people.

Where Does It Hide?

Flea larvae like to hide in dark areas close to the ground, like carpets. Eggs are commonly found on or near pet’s resting areas. Adult fleas prefer to live on the host animal.

What Can It Do to Me?

In addition to their annoying, itchy bites, fleas also spread diseases by serving as a vector for disease producing organisms. Fleas transmit diseases to both people and pets such as dermatitis, murine typhus, plague and tapeworm.

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