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Do You Have a Beetle Problem?

Learn the Key Characteristics to Identify Beetles

If every species on Earth lined up in a row, you would encounter a beetle in every fifth spot. These abundant insects exhibit an astonishing range of sizes, colors and shapes. From the familiar fireflies and ladybugs children chase in the summer to the extravagantly proportioned stag beetle, over 40% of all insects are beetles.

What Does It Eat?

Some beetles feed on stored food products in your pantry, the wool sweaters in your closet, or even the structure itself.

Where Does It Hide?

Beetles that invade structures are rarely found far from their food source. Typically they are found in dark corners or cracks and crevices in pantries, cabinets, closets, wall voids, basements, or attics.

What Can It Do to Me?

Beetles can ruin stored foods by their mere presence, but some cause real damage to textiles or even the structure itself.

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