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Watch the Woodpile

It’s the holiday season! The time to gather around the fireplace to roast chestnuts, melt marshmallows or just enjoy the crackling warmth of a traditional fire. Stockings are a requirement in my house and, even after Christmas morning, they go back up to festoon the mantel in anticipation of the New Year’s festivities. Most people center their decorations around the fireplace this time of year – it’s just the thing to do.

Unlike most people, though, a wood burning fireplace doesn’t just mean a warm and cozy evening with the family. It inevitably makes me think about the woodpile and all the critters that might find it as inviting as the festive room inside. As a pest control professional, I know that the woodpile is often placed near the house for the sake of convenience. Who wants to trudge outside when it’s dark and freezing? And yet….

It is so important to make sure that your woodpile is not in proximity to your home, especially as the weather warms and wood destroying insects come out to play. A termite infestation in the woodpile can lead to a structural infestation. Carpenter ants and bees may be attracted to the bonanza of sturdy nesting material next to your door. Rodents might find it to be a warm and cozy place to set up shop. 

So, while I am all for an open fire in the fireplace this Christmas season, please consider placing the woodpile out a bit from your house. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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