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Summer Keep-Away – How to Keep House Flies Out

Summer is upon us, which means outdoor barbeques, pool parties, and enjoying time in the sun. Party guests won’t be the only ones attracted to your famous grilled meals, snacks, and open doors and windows – house flies will turn up, too. So, it’s time to batten down the hatches and secure your home from pesky flies!

House flies are considered “filth flies” and simply by landing on your food can transfer diseases, skin and eye irritations and more, as stated by the World Health Organization. These unsanitary insects are seeking three things when infiltrating your home: food, shelter, and a place to lay their eggs. Luckily for you, there are many ways to keep them from achieving their goals:

  • Shut the door. Your mom was right (as usual) when she told you to close the door, flies can zip in right behind you.  Keep doors and windows closed or install screens if you like to throw the windows open.  Inspect your existing screens for any tears or holes that a fly may squeeze through and make the necessary repairs.
  • Keep a lid on it. Secure your trash with lids that fit properly. House flies love decaying food, and trash cans also provide them a place to take shelter and lay their eggs. By placing tight-fitting lids over indoor and outdoor trash cans, you can reduce their access to these resources.
  • Take out the trash. Place trash cans away from entry points. This will reduce the presence of flies near entry points.
  • Just venting. Check your vents that lead into areas that produce food odors, such as a kitchen. Placing fine mesh over these vents makes this entry point inaccessible to house flies.
  • Seal and go. Double check door sweeps that connect to the outside to make sure they’re properly fitted and don’t have any gaps.
  • Housekeeping!  House flies have mouths that work like a sponge, so any greasy or sugary spills are a perfect treat for them to soak up. Be sure to wipe up any liquids and residue with a microbial product to breakdown fats and oils. Don’t forget to get around trash cans and their lids!
  • Lights out. As with most insects, house flies are attracted to lights. Be sure to flip switches off when you don’t need them on, or install motion-sensing lights that will turn off by themselves when you don’t need them.
  • Fix the leak. Try to keep the moisture levels down in and around your house by identifying areas of standing water or leakage and eliminating them.
  • Two heads are better than one. Finally, work together with your pest control technician. Our technicians are trained to deal with pests such as house flies and identify these conducive conditions for flies, and your cooperation in reducing fly access and food sources will help your technician protect your home from these nasty invaders.

Home Paramount is always ready to help you combat house flies and other pests that find their way into your home. House flies can be persistent about getting into your home, but we are ready with our advanced services and knowledge of pests to ensure that your next summer party is fly-free.

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