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Spring Pest-Proofing – it’s not too late!

Want to pest-proof your home? We’re all for our awesome homeowners lending a hand in our pest push-back. A punch-list is always handy when you’re running through the spring checklist – feel free to use ours: 

Kitchen Clean-up: The key here is to eliminate sources of food that attract pests such as ants and stored product pests.

  • Do a quick clean-up and give the stove and cabinets a swipe for good measure
  • Be sure to store leftovers in sealed, air-tight containers.
  • Check through your fridge and pantry and toss out any expired food or condiments
  • Sweep or vacuum up the floor and make sure to scoop up any crumbs

​Bathroom Duty: The key to a pest-free bath is to eliminate sources of water that sustain interior infestations of pests such as roaches and silverfish.   

  • Take a look under the sink and around the toilet for leaks or moisture. Fix any problems ASAP. 
  • Make sure the caulking around your tub, shower and sink is still in good shape, re-caulk any areas that need some TLC. 

Basement Barrier: The key to a pest-free basement is to seal and secure in order to reduce sources of shelter that pests such as spiders and mice seek. 

  • Store household items in plastic bins with tight-fitting lids.   
  • Find and seal any entry points, like cracks or holes, with caulk.   
  • Install door sweeps to seal the bottom of your basement door as an extra pest barrier.

Outside At Last:  The key to your outdoor pest-proofing is to remove entry points to your home, eliminating the enticements of food, water and shelter that draw all types of pests inside. 

  • Cut back vegetation in contact with your house, such as tree branches, to make sure that pests don’t have a highway to the roof (and attic).
  • Clear any leaves or debris from your gutters and rain spouts to ensure that water drains freely.
  • Repair any ripped screens and check the windows for a good seal.
  • Remove any standing water in your yard and take the time to clean water containers, like pet bowls, bird baths and fire pits.
  • Move the wood piles, which can become nests for rodents and food for termites, away from the house.

Good maintenance is the first step towards a healthy house. But pests can be quite determined to enjoy your home anyway. No worries, Home Paramount is here to help!

Home Paramount Pest Control technician with a homeowner Home Paramount Pest Control technician with a homeowner

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