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Prepare for Spring Pests

It’s the last day of February! While most people save their midnight revels for New Year’s, those of us in the pest management industry are more likely to anticipate tonight’s calendar change as we move into our “busy season”.

We recommend the following to combat the emergence of spring pests:

  • Clean up Yard Debris. If you didn’t quite finish the fall clean up, now is the time to dispose of those piles of leaves and sticks. They are ideal nesting sites for a variety of pests such as ants and spiders.
  • Eliminate Standing Water.  Mosquitoes are a seasonal pest in many of our Mid-Atlantic Service Areas so March 1st is the perfect time to prepare your yard against these pests. Remove standing water from items such as flower pots and swing sets to reduce mosquito breeding sites.
  • Move the Wood Pile. Many of us pile firewood in a convenient spot near the door during the winter. While this may work in the cold, come spring it’s time to put a little bit of distance between your home and the woodpile. Firewood is an ideal habitat for many pests including termites and rodents. Best to keep the firewood, and the pests, at a distance
  • Trim Those Trees. Keep vegetation, including trees and shrubs, away from the structure of the house. Tree limbs in contact with your roof, in particular, are a handy pathway for rodents to travel into your attic.    
  • We’re Here to Help. If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, contact us discuss the best treatment or prevention options
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