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Malaria Cases in Florida

There have been four cases of locally acquired Plasmodium vivax malaria in Florida in recent weeks. These are the first recorded cases of locally-transmitted malaria in 20 years, as the last cases were identified in Palm Beach County, Florida in 2003. Local health officials, including Palm Beach County, have responded to the new threat by posting health information and conducting aerial sprays to reduce mosquito populations.

Malaria is almost always spread by mosquitoes and there are fourteen species of Anopheles mosquitoes in Florida capable of transmitting malaria. It is important to note that for a case of malaria to occur it requires a human (host), a mosquito (disease vector), and the parasite (P. vivax) to converge. Malaria has been well-controlled with low risk in the United States since 1951.

Still, the Florida Department of Health spokesperson has stated that they take each case of malaria seriously and want to prevent it. But what can you do?

First, tackle your home and yard with basic prevention steps. Homeowners and commercial property managers should drain standing water, including water lingering in bird baths, garbage cans, kid’s toys, and buckets. Window screens are also helpful, if kept in good repair, and air conditioning allows you to keep doors and windows closed. Fans are also useful, both indoors and outside, as they create an unstable wind flow that deters mosquitoes who have a markedly different aerodynamic flight pattern than some other insects, birds, and bats.

Second, invest in professional mosquito control services in your outdoor spaces to support the broader Florida aerial sprays. Home Paramount’s complete, comprehensive treatment that will reduce the mosquito populations in your yard (as well as the tick populations) and reduce your risk. You will see a noticeable reduction and have the peace of mind of fighting the bite right in your back yard.

Third, trust your treatment to a full-range pest provider. You may be tempted to go to a boutique mosquito service company, but these part-time, selective providers can’t match up to Home Paramount’s well-rounded expertise. We provide mosquito control, but we don’t stop there. Home Paramount’s 80-plus years of experience and full-menu roster of pest control services make us the natural choice for mosquito and tick control in your yard. This isn’t just a summer gig for us.

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