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Not a Creature Was Stirring (We Hope)

It’s time.  Thanksgiving has passed and we can dawdle no longer.  Grab the ladder – we’re going up into the attic.

Many of us store our Christmas ornaments and lights in our attics where they won’t be in our way.  And it makes perfect sense to keep these treasures under the very roof upon which Santa will alight.  But it’s not a particularly inviting place.

First, there is the problem of getting into it.  It is often the case that you must shimmy your way past precariously perched boxes to get to the opening which is delightfully hidden in the tiniest closet imaginable.  It is no small feat to maneuver the ladder into place – not precisely under the opening but close enough to make that last leap up into the attic.   

Finally, once the ladder has fallen and you are well and truly trapped, you take a moment to look around.  Worryingly chewed wires, perhaps some rodent droppings sprinkled daintily on the insulation – it is at this point that you should consider storing the giant inflatable snowman in your basement.

This part of your house is perhaps not a place for you to linger.  But silverfish, roaches, rodents, squirrels, birds and other pests actually enjoy your cozy (translation: terrifyingly cramped), dark attic.  These agile creatures are perfectly at home navigating “The Beam” – the one that requires acrobatic skill to avoid a fall involving an extravagant display of flailing limbs and dusty drywall.

Fortunately, Home Paramount can help to make this area less hospitable for pests and much more pleasant for you.  It begins with exclusion services.  We will identify and seal areas of entry to exclude pests from getting into your home in the first place.

If you unfortunately have rodents or squirrels living in your attic, you would certainly benefit from our wildlife control services.  The sound of scurrying in the ceiling at night often indicates just such a problem and it is a problem that is not easily ignored.

Finally, we offer a blown insulation service.  Insulation is primarily designed to improve your energy costs and who does not appreciate lower heating bills in our currently interminable winters?  Even better, it is a stabilized pest control insulation which significantly reduces the occurrence of attic-originating pest infestations.  Crawling insects, such as silverfish, are controlled.

With these services, you can be assured that the pitter patter on the roof is, in fact, Santa’s reindeer, rather than a herd of rodents.

Home Paramount Pest Control technician with a homeowner Home Paramount Pest Control technician with a homeowner

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