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Bed Bug or Carpet Beetle?

Sometimes, people see an unfamiliar pest in their home and immediately think “Bed Bug!”. Carpet beetles are sometimes mistaken for bed bugs, but there are some pretty clear distinctions between the two pests.

Bed Bugs Bite…

Carpet beetles don’t bite. Carpet beetles simply don’t have the mouthparts designed to pierce skin and suck blood. Instead, they’re designed to chew on plants and fibers.

Bed Bugs hitchhike into your home by attaching themselves to virtually anything…

Carpet beetles usually enter on plants or flowers. Carpet beetles can also fly which enables them to get into your home through doors, windows and other openings. 

Bed Bugs feed on blood…

Carpet beetles prefer pollen and nectar. Once inside your home, though, they will happily feast on wool, carpets, fur and other fibrous materials, causing damage to household items.   

Bed Bugs are flat and reddish-brown…

Carpet beetles are oval and vary in color but may appear black or brown with yellow or white scales. Carpet beetles are usually smaller than bed bugs.

Bed bugs like to live near their food source – you…

Carpet beetles like to live near their food source – plants and fibers.

Bed Bug bites can leave a raised, red welt that itches…

Carpet beetles may cause a red bump on your skin or cause a pulmonary response but it’s from contact, not a bite.

For peace of mind, call in a professional to quickly identify and treat unwelcome pests in your home. Home Paramount has all the tools necessary to handle either carpet beetles or bed bugs.

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