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Ant Colonies Inside?

It’s spring and time to pest proof your home. Homeowner efforts always go a long way to making a comfortable, pest-free environment but there are times when even your best efforts aren’t enough. Try as you might, pests might find their way indoors. Even the ones that really would prefer to be outside.

Ants usually prefer to live outdoors, determinedly trailing into your home to find food and then heading back to the nest once they have ample supplies to feed the queen and the colony. Their foraging activity is highest in the spring and summer, when you may begin to notice the ants marching in through your kitchen patio door, headed straight for the pantry.

In some cases, though, you may find that ants have actually moved into your home, nesting indoors rather than their typical custom of carrying out. In order to get control of an interior infestation, it’s important to identify the ant, track down the nest and choose the right control method. It’s best to find the colony early and avoid DIY methods that might spread the problem throughout the house.

Ants can make it easy to follow their trail. They are creatures of habit, and leave pheromones for their colony mates to follow. This means that their trail will follow the same path, over and over, and inevitably lead back to their nest. Patience, and some well-placed bait, will entice the ants out into the open where you can follow their trail back to its point of origin.

Nests may be found in unique places, and so it’s good to have a general understanding of the possibilities.In foundation walls Under concrete slabs Inside wall Under floorboards On insulation In rotted window frames. Behind kitchen cabinetsIf you call Home Paramount to help with this process, you’ll get the benefit of professional pest control products that will lead to colony elimination even if the nest is hard to find. Unlike contact insecticides, which eliminate only the foraging ants and leave the remainder intact, ant baits will travel back to the queen and colony with the worker ants and lead to colony elimination. This strategy may require some patience, and you may see numbers increasing temporarily as the bait works deliberately in a draw-and-expose strategy.  

Ideally, you want to prevent pests from getting inside in the first place, by taking a look around the house to identify any holes and gaps such as where wires and pipes enter the home. Additionally, repairing leaks and water issues in and around your home will help reduce ants and other pest problems. 

Ultimately, however, your home is not impenetrable and despite your best efforts you may experience an infestation. A professional pest management firm can assist you with these nuisance pests and eliminate their entry or occupation of your home. Call Home Paramount today for more information about our ant exterminating programs.

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