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All Bugs are Insects but…

Did you know that all bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs? Bugs are classified within the order called Hemiptera and are grouped together because they all share a specialized mouth part that is used to suck juices. An easy way to remember this is to convert Cogito ergo sum into bug talk. Rather than I think, therefore I am, a bug would philosophically remark, I suck, therefore I am a bug.

The specific mouth part in question is called the proboscis. Think of it as a hypodermic-needle (or a straw if you’re squeamish) of sorts that the bug injects into something in order to extract food. A bed bug, for example, inserts their proboscis into the body of an animal and sucks blood as a meal. A stink bug inserts their needle-like mouth part into an apple or some other scrumptious crop and feasts.

There are about 80,000 species of “true bugs” including Aphids, Cicadas, Common Milkweed Bugs and Water Scorpions. 

Our Florida clients are familiar with the scourge of the true bug Whitefly, which mercilessly attack the underside of leaves. In July, the Q-biotype was found in eight Florida counties, including Broward, Martin, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, when the invasive species made its way from South America to South Florida.

Another true bug, the assassin bug, is sometimes called the kissing bug because of its unfortunate habit of biting humans on their face near the lips. More regrettable than the bite is the potential for infection – assassin bugs are known to spread the sometimes deadly Chagas disease.

Perhaps the most notorious bug at the moment is the bed bug. For the first time, Baltimore, Maryland topped a recent list of severely infested cities followed by Washington, D.C. While bed bugs don’t pose an especially significant medical threat, the bites may be painful and itchy and a professional treatment is highly recommended.

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